Stretch Out Your Legs


That’s what they tell you in the gyms, right? But that’s just not true: having an attitude of self-punishment and self-denial makes it harder to grow and change. And it’s SO not the only way to do it…

There are other ways of generating endorphins, and getting long term and sustainable results, through putting your body’s needs at the centre of practice.

This takes the courageous step of listening internally, which is central to we do in yoga.

Rather than ignoring pain-places or ‘just blasting through’, in each breath and each pose, ask yourself “What does my body need right now? What part of this can I do?”

Over the last ten years of teaching and studying yoga, this continues to be one of the most transformative things I have learnt.

That’s why even in my ‘harder’ classes, it’s all about being “Guided by YOUR internal compass, through paying attention to sensation and feelings”.

This is not for you if you’re all about numbing-out on super-intense exercise. It is a journey into the subtle.

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Want to try a class that’s perfect if you have been sitting a lot or doing walking/running/cycling.

Check out ‘Stretch Your Legs’ below. Expect lots of stretches and a few abdominal exercises. 🙂

You will need: your yoga mat, and a couple of cushions or blocks. If you have a bolster you can use that too.

Listen to your body’s needs: do this practice in a way that feels good to you and give yourself permission to modify anything that’s not appropriate for you. Suitable for beginners. Not suitable for Pregnant people.

With thanks to Forrest Yoga and Poppy Perinatal yoga.

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