Track Physical Sensation

HOW TO USE YOUR ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY AND MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU (even if part of you thinks that’s cheating)

I can wake up my addictions to alcohol and nicotine really easily. I’m addicted to various forms of scrolling. Plus I’m sooooo addicted to tea.

It’s a hereditary problem: once when I went to my grandma’s house we drank 14 CUPS IN ONE DAY. And we binge-watched six episodes of a costume drama about smugglers, that she’d recorded on VHS tape.

Around a decade ago I started to track my addictions, and to explore life with and without them (yes I even stopped drinking tea for a year). And I’m still tracking them and dancing with them (see my favourite mug below).

One of the things that has helped me has been switching the more toxic additions to less damaging ones: like getting ADDICTED TO YOGA. I rarely smoke now. But I do regularly breathe deeply!

Yoga has also given me the tools to slow down, feel more, bring more awareness of when I want to follow the addictions, and make different choices. This has helped me build inner strength and confidence.

This is not for you if you’re just looking for some distraction and you just want to space out through yoga; this is for you if you are up for the deeper work of feeling the discomfort, in order to move through it, grow and make good choices in your life. You’ll start to build these tools in classes like the one below in which we learn to “Track Physical Sensation”.

When you come to the mat two times (or more) this week you’ll be developing skills to reduce the endless scrolling, and rely less your other “survival” addictions like food, TV, and daydreaming. Plus, you’ll get stronger, sleep better, and feel more steady and centred after each class.

For you, we have 25 live classes a month, plus pre-recorded classes and special bonuses like regular ‘Deepen Your Yoga’ workshops

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Full length class with Claire Mace. The intention in this slow and gentle class is to Track Sensation in the body. Explore this practice through your feeling sense, rather than your visual sense.

Where in your body do you feel warm/cool? Tight/relaxed? Stillness/subtle movement? This is a great way of quieting the mind and thoughts, by paying attention to the sensations and feelings you experience through the body: learning the language of your body.

This can bring you into more integrity in life, help you ground yourself, feel more centred, and to make better friends with your body.

Starts off with 15 minutes of Pranayama (breath practices). Also includes some abdominals and leisurely flow.

You will need: your yoga mat, a yoga block or two, a blanket, Forrest Yoga roll (or a cushion) plus a yoga strap (or long scarf).

Listen to your body’s needs: do this practice in a way that feels good to you and give yourself permission to modify anything that’s not appropriate for you. Suitable for beginners. Not suitable for Pregnant people.

With thanks to Forrest Yoga and Poppy Perinatal yoga.

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