Private Yoga lessons

Hi, I’m Claire and I’ve been teaching yoga for over a decade. I’m an expert in helping people with injuries and chronic health conditions to radically improve their quality of life.

Yoga helped me heal my back pain, resolve emotional imbalances and feel more comfortable and confident in my body.

I can help you dispel the distress and drama of aging, through improving your mobility, lowering your pain levels, healing from injuries, and supporting you in getting back to living a full and active life.

Private yoga classes are the fastest way to get improvements, if you commit to getting to your lesson once a week and doing the homework in between. 

Sessions, whether via Zoom or in North Wales, are tailored to meet your requirements in a way that is safe but challenges you gently.


  • Heal after short or long term injuries
  • Improve your mobility and flexibility
  • See tangible results within the first few weeks
  • Strengthen your core
  • Gain confidence with balance and movement
  • Change your relationship to pain and reduce pain levels
  • Tune into your body wisdom
  • Stop worrying about movement and getting around
  • Fit yoga in around your existing work and family commitments
  • Enjoy your life more!

Your personalised support:

  • Weekly one to one yoga session with Claire via Zoom or in North Wales
  • Bespoke 10-15 minute recorded audio or video to work with each week
  • Support that is 100% targeted to support you in your goals
  • Encouragement and accountability so you can get your life back


  • Access to our Inspiratrix Yoga group classes and workshops and library of recorded classes

Investment in getting your life back: £300-£500 per month. 

Book for a short chat with Claire getting your bespoke support here.