“All the Yogas” monthly membership

Taking steps to support your health is vitally important.

It’s not something to put off until next year or “when the time is right” or “when I’m less busy”.

Join us for some supportive and friendly yoga classes. You will feel the benefits of better sleep and reduced stress within a few weeks. Plus you’ll feel more strong, flexible, and toned too.

You chose what you pay per month – we appreciate the Covid era has been challenging for many and has widened the inequality in our world. There are three different levels of payment.

Most people pay the £29 GREEN rate. If you are not working, on a low wage, or financially challenged by Covid, pay the £9 PINK rate (no proof of financial status required). If you want to support us in providing yoga to the wider community and recognise the amazing value we are providing, pay the £49 ORANGE rate.

JOIN “ALL THE YOGAS” HERE (click on the rate you’d like to pay)

This is set up as a monthly subscription payment – but you can cancel anytime but emailing us.


“This really supports my mental and physical health.”

“Before, I used to go to classes once a week… well, on weeks I wasn’t busy. Over the last year, I’ve actually been practicing more regularly, and often twice a week.”

“Yoga with Claire and Adrian has kept me sane during the lockdowns.”

“I love that I can do classes from the Virtual Vault at a time to suit me.”

“Being an “All the Yogas” member motivates me to attend regularly because I pay every month.”


Whichever rate you are paying, you get the same service.

  • Ten or more virtual yoga sessions every week on Zoom with Claire Mace, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Elen Haf Ifan, Lowri Evans and Lucy Backhouse.
  • If you are local join our in-person classes on Anglesey in Valley, Holyhead and Aberffraw.
  • Access over 100 pre-recorded yoga classes in the Virtual Yoga Vault that you can do anytime.
  • At least one bonus workshop or pop up event every month.

Classes run 48-50 weeks of the year, subject to hall availability and local regulations.

The best way you can support us in creating quality yoga classes and content for you and our community is to join our monthly membership programme.

JOIN “ALL THE YOGAS” HERE (click on the rate you’d like to pay)

I’m also happy to open up some TOTALLY FREE virtual yoga places to people who are totally financially challenged by these crazy times… If you’re someone – or know someone – for whom the free yogas would be helpful right now, let me know privately.

Got any questions? Drop us a message here or book in for a chat here.