Flow Like Water


Do you “do enough” in life? Are your writing the next great novel / creating a garden paradise / super-schooling the young ones / perfecting your cake making / improving your running speed / developing your new post-Corona business model / WHATEVER.

Where does the programming come from that we must always be doing, always be trying, always be working towards being somewhere we are not?

It puts us on an ENDLESS EDGE OF INADEQUACY. We can never do enough. We can never be enough. We can never get to the end of the “to do” list.

And there’s this relentless stimulation of bleeps and notifications and alerts feeds that. There’s an email! There’s a message! Must reply! Must act!

But giving yourself permission to stop and breathe is an act of REBELLION against the “Busy” demon.

This is a muscle that you need to EXERCISE DAILY, or more often. However that works for you… whether it’s shutting the door to the family for half an hour, or going for a walk, or coming to yoga.

If yoga sounds good, I’ve created the “All You Can Eat” virtual yoga subscription. Pay £20 a month for 25 live classes a month, access to prerecorded sessions – and special bonus workshops. Reduced rates available if you are struggling financially right now.

? Feel into where you are tied up in knots inside, or constrained by old patterns of behaviour, and breathe deeper to find more freedom, space and time for you.

? Develop more internal strength and structure so you can feel safer and better able to take care of yourself and make good decisions to support yourself.

I’ve taken all everything I’ve learnt in 20 years of practicing and 10 years of teaching yoga and running retreats, to craft a delicious healthy buffet of yoga that will feed you right now. It’s worth SWITCHING ON your phone/tablet/computer for.

Pre-recorded videos appearing on the Virtual Vault today include this lovely Flow like Water full length class.

This isn’t for you if you’re OK with being busy busy all the time. But if you want to slow down and try a class, try the video below.

The intention in this slow paced class is to “Flow Like Water”. Track the breath as it ebbs and flows . Connect to fluidity in the breath and body . Wash your breath through the body to cleanse and heal and release.

Celebrate your own internal waters. Feel for the rhythm of your own flow, the rhythm of your breath, your body and your internal waters. Become more aware of the subtle waves of movement through your body.

Starts off with 15 minutes of Pranayama (breath practices). Also includes some abdominals and leisurely flow.

You will need: your yoga mat, a yoga block or two, a blanket, Forrest Yoga roll (or a cushion) plus a yoga strap (or long scarf).

Listen to your body’s needs: do this practice in a way that feels good to you and give yourself permission to modify anything that’s not appropriate for you. Suitable for beginners. Not suitable for Pregnant people.

With thanks to Forrest Yoga and Poppy Perinatal yoga.

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