We need to make a few changes from September. 😮😮😮

We will have kept prices the same for 18 months, but need to change pricing in order to keep providing our excellent yoga service of weekly classes, monthly workshops and more.

Drop in rates for weekly classes will increase to £9/£10 a class (with a 50% concessionary discount available). 

We will also be tweaking the membership plans to keep face-to-face classes viable.

The new monthly membership rates are:

£29 GREEN rate – the regular price most people are paying (this is basically staying the same!!)

£19 YELLOW rate – the new concessionary rate for people who need it who are unpaid or low waged

£39 ORANGE rate – if you are a higher earner, or are attending a lot of classes, do consider paying this to help us keep the service running in a way that is affordable to the most people.

£9 PINK rate – the old concessionary rate – from September this will ONLY be valid for virtual classes, virtual workshops and the Virtual Vault. The PINK rate is now only available to new members by application.

If you’re a member, I’ve sent you an email with all the details. Remember, nothing will change until September! Drop me a line with any questions.

If you’re not a member yet, here’s where you join