It’s all changing again…

Over the next week or so, kids are returning to schools.

And so WHO KNOWS what September will bring. Or October. Or November…

Don’t even mention Christmas.

But, ultimately, the one certainty in life is CHANGE.

And 2020 is one STRANGE and disorientating carousel ride.

The question is, how do we GET CALM in order to meet all that change in the best way?

The answer lies in BEFRIENDING your body and your breath.

And that does help A LOT.
Tonight is the very LAST Outdoor Yoga of the summer (unless it’s super hot in November and we do a random Pop Up on a beach)….

I’m at Tacla Taid, NEWBOROUGH TONIGHT for a class 5.30pm-6.30pm.

Bring your mat, a blanket and wear layers.

There are only 5 spots left. Book now if you want to come.
And if you want to commit to regular yoga practice, our autumn schedule launches 7th September.

Adrian will be Holyhead (Monday evening) and Aberffraw (Tuesday evening).

I will be teaching in Valley (Thursday evening) and a couple of online-only slots (Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening).
Lockdown led us to create the “All the Yogas” Subscriber package, where for a monthly payment you can access loads of GREAT YOGA and PERSONALISED SUPPORT.
This is for you if you are ready to commit to a regular practice and IMPROVE your back pain / sleep quality / stress levels, in a safe and fun way.

But if you’re more of a ‘once or twice a month’ yogi, it’s totally fine to stick with our pay per class option.

What you get with “All the Yogas”:

? CONSISTENCY – attend one in-person class a week in either Aberffraw, Valley or Holyhead (or Outdoor yoga this week!)

? FLEXIBILITY – chose which class you want each week

? YEAR ROUND – classes run 48-50 weeks of the year (subject to halls being open and meeting up being allowed)

? PERSONALISED – small class sizes with individual support and 2m distancing

? SAFETY – know we are doing all we can to make in-person classes as safe as possible

? LIVE-STREAM LINKUP – join up to seven virtual sessions a week

?  ANYTIME – yoga when you want with pre-recorded classes via the Virtual Yoga Vault

? CONNECTION – access the subscribers-only facebook group with exclusive content…and occasional pictures of my cats. It’s a great place to ask your yoga questions.

? VIRTUAL POP UPS – are free on “All the Yogas”

?  DISCOUNTS – on in-person pop-up workshops and events

If you join “All the Yogas” before the 7th September you’ll stay on a FOUNDER MEMBER RATE of £20 a month – or if you’re not working or on a low wage the concessionary rate is only £10 a month. More here.

But… I’ve got to put prices up because the costs of doing things in CORONA TIMES are going up.

Class sizes are limited to 12 people and we need to do more cleaning!

So sign ups AFTER 7th September will be GOING UP to £25 (or £12.50) a month.

I hope to see you on the mat soon – whether at Outdoor yoga tonight in Newborough, or the following week at one of the new classes in Holyhead, Valley or Aberffraw, or via the miracle of virtual live-streaming on Zoom.
Join “All the Yogas” or register for any of our classes here.

Here’s some pretty pictures of Tacla Taid