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After a few months of endless change, the possibility of restarting face to face yoga classes indoors is finally here.
Finally! A chance to meet in person and do the yoga we love, yoga that helps us reduce stress, get strong, and feel good.
We’re hoping to release the new plan this weekend, with the shiny new schedule starting from the second week of September!
You can expect: several face to face class options at various locations, with maximum 12 places per session so we can meet Covid safety requirements.
We’re planning to run classes year round (well at least 48 weeks of the year), giving you support to have a more consistent practice.
Plus we will be continuing to provide you with 6+ live virtual classes a week – and we will keep dropping classes into the yoga-anytime Virtual Vault.
You will be able to access ‘drop in’ to classes, but the best value way to join classes is via our monthly subscription, which is good for one in-person class a week plus ALL the virtual classes as well.
People who sign up after the start of term will be on a higher rate… so if you are planning on a weekly yoga practice, this is your last chance to join the monthly subscription at the old rate before it goes up… Currently it’s £20 regular membership, £10 hardship rate. Subscription info is here.