Here’s another breath practice from the set I recorded a few weeks ago.
The intention is to breathe in a way that helps gather up all your scattered energies.
On the inhale cast the net out, on the exhale gather in the pieces of yourself.
It’s somewhere between a somatic breath practice and a soul retrieval.
Let me know how you find it.
Adrian and I are away on retreat for most of this week. But virtual classes are still running!
Wednesday 6pm-7.30pm Inner Wisdom – guest teacher Elaine
Thursday 7pm-8.30pm Inspiration and Exhalation – guest teacher Lowri
Friday 7.30am-8.30am Virtual Yoga: Power Hour – guest teacher this week I’ir (she’s VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)!
10am-11am Virtual Yoga: Beginners – guest teacher Elaine
Register for all classes in the usual place. All back to normal from 24th August… including Outdoor classes!