Gosh it’s busy out there: some people are just desperate for a “summer staycation”.

The beaches are packed. Restaurants are booked out. Holiday accommodation is full.

But…. the simplest staycation is the inner journey. And it’s always available.

The most fascinating landscape you’ll ever explore is the one inside of you, the vast territory of your inner, feeling experience.

But… how do you turn away from the mania of the summer season and inwards towards the mystery of your own being?

This is where yoga is useful, as a practice that supports us on that journey inwards.

Suggestion 1 – Check in for a session of Outdoor yoga next week in Holyhead or Newborough (socially distanced, of course). Get moving and breathing in the fresh air, nurtured by the natural sounds and smells and texture of the natural world.

Suggestion 2 – Go into your lounge or bedroom, shut the door, unroll your yoga mat, and enjoy one of my freely available YouTube videos. No need to even see the crowds!!

This week I’ve shared two videos on my YouTube channel. One is a full-length yoga class focused on breathing into the back ribs which also includes three different abdominal exercises… and the other video is a short Viloma breath practice that’s very calming.

Learning to breathe in a way that uses the lungs more fully is also something that can be helpful – in the medium term – for recovery after pneumonia and coronavirus symptoms.)

But… whatever you do, and wherever you do it, I hope you get to enjoy some piece of this summer.