Most of the time I teach yoga in English. And one day I’ll be able to teach yoga in Welsh too…
Nevertheless the roots of yoga would have been in languages from the Indian subcontinent like Sanscrit.
And whilst it is a beautiful language, I don’t use it too much: too much complex language can make the practice of yoga inaccessible.
But this last year I’ve been running a yoga teacher training and one of the yogic concepts we have touched on is Koshas.
Koshas is a Sanscrit word which doesn’t really have a direct translation. I usually explain it as ‘Layers of Being’.
We are – and we are also more than – our bodies, our breath, our emotions, and our personal conciousness.
Below is a meditation on the Koshas for you that explores this. It’s freely available on my YouTube. You can do it sitting or lying down.
This was part of a longer workshop on Koshas I taught last month. (The full recording of this is on the Virtual Yoga Vault, which is my library of pre-recorded classes available to “All the Yogas” subscribers and Yoga Teacher trainees. Send me a message if you’d like to know how to get into the Vault…)
And if you’re interested in Yoga Teacher training, I’ve uploaded some provisional information for 2021 here. Book a call with me if you’d like to have an informal chat about it