HOW TO FEEL MORE RELAXED AND ENERGISED (even when there’s a LOT going on)

Most people don’t think much about their breath.
Until they start yoga. Or get into the ‘do I wear a face mask’ debate.
But whether you’ve got a mask on or not, whether you are inside or outside, whether you feel lively or crappy today….
Becoming more conscious of the breath can help us change our internal state, how we feel, and make positive shifts.
Today I’ve published a freely-available full-length yoga class on YouTube.
It’s a gentle sequence that guides you into a deeper appreciation of your breath, helping your connect to the nourishing qualities of the breath.
This is the class with the scalp massage in. Plus some extended side lying savasana (you’ll need all the cushions).
Head over here to get your gentle nourishing yoga.
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