This week I saw a couple of “big city” yoga studios closing down their online classes. 😭

Rest assured, we’re not about to do that at Inspiratrix Yoga. This is why.


Rolling out your mat at home takes way less time than driving to a class.

It’s easier to fit your yoga around all your other commitments.

Plus doing more than one yoga session a week becomes possible without it eating up your whole week.


Some people feel safer doing the yoga from home.

Whilst large scale lockdowns are unlikely, people are still being asked to stay at home if they or someone near to them has a positive test.

If you have a bit of a sniffle or a cough right now, it’s better to do the yoga from your lounge.


Some of people who are doing the yogas with live a few minutes drive away!

Yet people from distant places like Gwynedd, Conwy, or St Albans have also been able to access the strengthening and de-stressing effects of our yoga sessions.

And yet we’ve managed to create connection, community, and a hub for some excellent yoga.

We initially created our “All the Yogas” membership to help get people through lockdown.

But we’re still doing it because doing regular yoga is still mightily helpful even as the ‘new normal’ emerges.

Big thanks to all those who have been yoga-ing with us through these crazy times. 🤩

What you get access to in “All the Yogas”:
🌈 10+ live, personalised classes a week on Zoom (2 yn y Gymraeg)
🌈 100+ recorded practices in our Virtual Vault
🌈 7 in-person classes a week in Valley, Holyhead and Aberffraw (1 yn y Gymraeg)
🌈 Chose from sessions with Claire, Adrian, Lowri, Elen or Lucy
🌈 Monthly pop up workshops and special events
🌈 Exclusive members only FB group with extra cat pictures

This is for you if you want flexible support in committing to a regular practice in order to improve your physical and mental health through yoga.

Photography by Katherine Betteridge, follow her on Insta Katherine Betteridge

It’s probably not for you if you’re after super-advanced yoga, we aim to teach classes that are safe and accessible for beginners and improvers.

You get to chose what you pay per month – we appreciate the Covid-19 era has been challenging for many and has widened the inequality in our world:
🌈 GREEN rate – £29 a month – the “regular” rate
🌈 PINK rate – £9 a month – the “unpaid or low paid” rate
🌈 ORANGE rate – £49 a month – the “benefactor” rate

Taking steps to support your health is vitally important. It’s not something to put off until after Christmas or “when I’m less busy”.

Join us, come to some classes and feel the benefits of better sleep and reduced stress – plus you’ll feel more strong, flexible, and toned.

Sign up here and I’ll send you a link to book in for an intake chat.