Tune Into Your Breath


I mean, all our ancestors lived through uncertain times, times of war, famine, pestilence, and worse. 

But right now, some of us are on the front lines, dealing with Coronavirus… and some of us are sitting tight at home. Whether the threat to our lives and wellbeing is right in front of us, or just occupying way too much of our waking thoughts (not to mention scrolling time…), it’s tough.

Either way, using yoga tools to bring us to the sanity of breath and body will help.  Stop.  Pause.  Notice how you are breathing.  Notice how your body feels.  Make a choice to deepen and calm your breath. Make a choice to relax your shoulders.

I’ve been learning to have choice about my inner state – and how to dial down anxiety – for over twenty years, and ten of those as a yoga teacher.  It’s a long road, but there are techniques that help.

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Need to start with the yoga right here and right now?

Try this class with me… just scroll down.

Tune into your Breath and explore connecting to a sense of Joy and Gratitude in – and for – your breath. Enjoy taking deep breaths, as if they were your favourite form of luxury.

This slow and leisurely class begins with lots of focus on the breath, followed by warmups, then a short standing pose series.

You will need: your yoga mat, a blanket or two and a cushion or two. Suitable for beginners and improvers. Not suitable for pregnant people.

Please listen to your body: do not do anything that causes pain or injury. If you have pre-existing medical conditions please check with your doctor or physio before doing these exercises.

Thank you to my teachers: Ana Forrest, Donna Farhi, Catherine Allen (Poppy Perinatal) and Aki Omori.

Class recorded Wednesday 25th March 2020 in Llanfachraeth, Anglesey, UK.

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