The Inner Glow

You might think beauty is external, but it’s not!

It doesn’t matter what yoga leggings you wear. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing makeup or not. 

It doesn’t matter what you weigh. 

What makes a difference is the inner glow.

But how do you get that?! 

The secret… is to cultivate pleasure in your life, in all ways. 

That’s why I’m running a mini-retreat yoga day that’s all about kindling the inner glow. 

It’s happening live on Zoom Saturday 7th May 10am-12.30 and 2-4pm UK time (and if you can’t make it live on Saturday, register anyway, and then we’ll send you the recordings afterwards within 24 hours).

In these workshop-length practices I’ll be giving options for beginners and options for more experienced yogis. 

This is for you if you need to step out of the busy-ness of work, home and family and pay attention to your inner world: your needs, your desires, your joy. 

This is not for you if you’re not ready to take the bold and edgy step of putting your needs first. 

Nourish yourself from the inside and everything in your life will get easier. 

I’m really fired up about sharing this… so I’ve just created a special 50% off offer to encourage more people to join in this day of delicious virtual yoga with me.

Join the mini-retreat online for just £19.50 (regular price is £39) with the code SUNSHINE.
Commit to your time out: book your spot right here.