“Mysteries of the Sacrum and Tailbone” Workshop

As a yoga teacher I notice many people are limited in their movements around their pelvis.

And indeed, many people complain of having stiff hips.

But I don’t believe this stuckness is irreversible.

There are simple movements and practices that can really help.

Which is why my next workshop is focussed on the “Mysteries of the Sacrum and Tailbone.

It is happening THIS Saturday 15th July 10am-midday on Zoom (replay available if you can’t make it live).

The workshop will be all about

  • Exploring simple movements to help you release tension and improve mobility
  • Learning the basic bony anatomy of your hips
  • Appreciating the complex structure of muscles and fascia in your pelvis

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have done loads of yoga to enjoy it or to get the benefit of this session, and beginners to yoga are welcome too.

My special skill is in sharing simple yoga techniques to help you get out of pain, feel more comfortable in your body, and joyful in your life.

My classes draw on an understanding of multiple different types of yoga, and 12 years of yoga teaching experience.

This workshop is suitable for beginners, improvers, and anyone curious about how their hips actually work.

You can join “Mysteries of the Sacrum and Tailbone” from wherever you are via the magic of Zoom.

Can’t make it live on the this weekend? Register and we will email you the recording within 24 hours of the workshop.


  • £20 regular rate
  • £10 concessionary rate if you are struggling financially (use the code CONC when registering)
  • No extra charge if you are an Inspiratrix Yoga member.

Book your spot here