“Dissolving Judgement” Retreat Day

It’s this weekend! I can’t wait to step into retreat space at Trigonos for the only retreat day I’m running this year, this Saturday 23rd September at 10am.

DISSOLVING JUDGEMENT will be an enquiry into what stops you doing the things you want to do, achieving what you want to achieve, going where you want to go?

Sometimes it’s the judge within, “No! You aren’t good enough, ready enough, smart enough, thin enough! You’re wrong, you’re a failure, you can’t do it!”

Often we are so mean to ourselves: we are our own worst enemy internally.

The transformation begins, counterintuitively, with learning to listen to your own inner critic.

Taking the judging aspect of your psyche from unconsciousness to awareness, then changing your relationship to it so you are not controlled and limited by it.

Through learning more about your inner critic, everybody can find a lot of change, growth and transformation.

We’ll be gathering at Trigonos in Nantlle, which is one of my favourite retreat venues in North Wales.

We’ll be keeping it gentle: all the retreat day activities are optional.

There won’t be a live-stream option as this is deep work best done in person.

What will be doing?

  • Yoga and somatic practice
  • Journaling and process work
  • Enjoying a lovely lunch and beautiful surroundings

Your investment for the day is £99 which includes a deliciously inspiring vegetarian lunch.

Book your spot here.