“Dissolving Judgement” Mini Retreat

Over the last year I took a facilitator training with Jamie Catto to improve my skills in working with groups and emotional process work.

Spending every Tuesday afternoon on Zoom for three hours was quite challenging, but it gave me a new set of tools for helping people explore their inner worlds.

Which is more fun than that sounds: mostly playing simple games to help illuminate, release and transform your old patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour.

We will be exploring some of that in my forthcoming retreat day, which is dedicated to Dissolving Judgement.

On Saturday 23rd September we will be gathering at Trigonos in Nantlle, which is one of my favourite retreat venues in North Wales.

We’ll be keeping it gentle: all the retreat day activities are optional.

There won’t be a live-stream option as this is deep work best done in person.

What will be doing?

  • Yoga and somatic practice
  • Journaling and process work
  • Enjoying a lovely lunch and beautiful surroundings

Your investment for the day is £99 which includes a deliciously inspiring vegetarian lunch.

Book your spot here.