Claire’s Yogi Lifestyle: MAKING KIMCHI

Fermented Foods are one of the top factors that have significantly improved my mental and physical health.




Cider (made of the apples outside my window)!


Fizzy carrot sticks!


Meads and meddyglins!


And fermenting ALL THE THINGS is EVEN BETTER when the produce is grown at home or in an organic way.


Now I’m a TERRIBLE grower.


I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to grow cabbages.


And, every time, they have been EATEN BY SLUGS.


So I was SUPER EXCITED when Alice at the Tyddyn Teg vegetable growing co-operative told me they’d grown some Wong Bok and Tatsoi.


Which would be PERFECT for making Kimchi!!!


So that’s what Julia and I have been doing today…


We followed (approximately) a Kimchi recipe from legendary Korean YouTuber Maangchi:


We used lots of other Tyddyn Teg veg: spring onions, chillis, daikon radish and multi-coloured carrots.


We didn’t add any fish sauce cos I didn’t have any (and then my vegan friends won’t eat it)!


And we improvised with some of the other ingredients…


TOP TIP (if you are local): Oriental Grocery Food Store in Upper Bangor stocks a special ‘Red Hot Pepper Powder’ that is good for Kimchi making.


What is your top [non yoga] thing you do to support your mental or physical wellbeing???

La imagen puede contener: comida
La imagen puede contener: comida