Yoga Workshops January – April 2024

I’ve just confirmed the workshops for the first few months of 2024…. these will appear in the booking system at some point this week or next week.

Thanks to the Inspiratrix Yoga members @inspiratrixyoga who made suggestions and requests… Any other topics you’d like to see me teach on? Drop a comment below!

Love Your Liver Yoga Workshop

Saturday 20th January 10am-midday

Your liver is about the size of a rugby ball and is in the upper right area of your abdomen. In this yoga workshop you will move through a sequence of postures designed to help you connect viscerally to your liver, your most important “detox” organ.

Self-Compassion: The Secret Ingredient Workshop

Friday 23rd February 8pm-9.30pm

Learning to observe your inner world is a vital step in freeing yourself from your thinking, churning, relentless mind. But being the witness is not enough: you also need compassion. We’ll explore this through simple movement, breathwork and meditation.

Freedom from Within: Find Your Psoas Workshop

Saturday 16th March 10am-midday

Having a tight and weak psoas can be the underlying cause of back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain and digestive problems. In this workshop we’ll explore static and moving poses to help you connect to this important muscle hidden deep within your abdomen.

Breath Practices to Calm and Heal Workshop

Friday 19th April 8pm-9.30pm

Some of the simplest and most powerful tools for calming your mind, body and nervous system are known as “pranayama”, or yoga breath practices. In this workshop we’ll explore a range of different practices to feel their effects.

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