I first went to a yoga class in 1999. It had been organised thorough work and took place in a carpeted room with a pool table in it.

Sometimes people have an amazing transcendent experience in their first yoga class, as they release long held tension and get high from the endocannabinoids (yes, this is a thing).

It wasn’t like that for me.

I remember downward facing dog being really difficult. I’d never made that sort of shape before!

But I also had an overwhelming sense of relief when I got into yoga.

I realised it was a type of exercise I could cope with. 

Whereas most exercise classes I didn’t feel able to do: my fitness levels have always been chronically low, my legs don’t cope with running very well, and I end up wheezing and in pain.

So even though I didn’t always enjoy yoga, I stuck with it.

After a while I realised that if I went to yoga twice a week I didn’t suffer from so much back pain, and that became a major reason to keep doing yoga.

I also recognised it helped me manage my emotions, and that sometimes that though sometimes I felt discomfort during sessions I usually felt much freer afterwards.

And now, 23 years later, I earn my living by teaching yoga!

I teach for Inspiratrix Yoga’s ‘studio without walls’ on 
Tuesday at 6pm and 7.15pm on Zoom and in Bangor
Thursdays at 10am on Zoom
Thursdays at 6pm and 7.30pm on Zoom and in Valley

My classes are all about making friends with your body and breath.

You can join my classes as a “drop in” £8/£9 (or £4/£4.50 if you need to pay the concessionary rate).

Or join our fabulous “All the Yogas” monthly membership to get access to this class and loads of others.

The past couple of years of chaos led us to create “All the Yogas”, to help people keep strong, supple and sane, whatever the post-Covid era brings.

What you get access to:
* Lots of live, personalised classes a week on Zoom 
* 100+ recorded practices in our Virtual Vault 
* In-person in Bangor, Valley, Holyhead and Aberffraw 
* Monthly pop up workshops and special events

This is for you if you want flexible support in committing to a regular practice in order to improve your physical and mental health through yoga.

It’s not for you if you’re after super-advanced yoga, we aim to teach classes that are safe and accessible for beginners and improvers.

You get to chose what you pay per month – we appreciate the Covid-19 era has been challenging for many and has widened the inequality in our world:
* ORANGE rate – £49 a month – the “I feel generous” rate
* GREEN rate – £29 a month – the “regular” rate 
* PINK rate – £9 a month – the “not working/financially stressed out by Covid” rate

Taking steps to support your health is vitally important. It’s not something to put off until next year or “when the time is right” or “when I’m less busy”. 

Join us, come to some classes and feel the benefits of better sleep and reduced stress – plus you’ll feel more strong, flexible, and toned.

Book in for a class with me or join the membership here