Yoga doesn’t have to be complex. Here’s Inspiratrix Yoga teacher Mel’s top three poses. Skip anything that doesn’t feel comfortable for you today.

1. DOWNWARD DOG (pictured)

  • kneel on your hands and knees
  • tuck your toes under, then lift your knees up off the floor
  • stretch your hips up and back to make an upside down V-shape

2. RAGDOLL (standing forward bend)

  • stand with your feet hip distance apart and parallel
  • hinge forward from your hips and relax your upper body downwards
  • either let your arms hang down, or catch each hand onto the opposite elbow


  • kneel on your hands and knees
  • as you inhale, arch your spine, pointing your tailbone up, relaxing the belly and midback downwards, and lifting the chin a little as you exhale, round your spine, pointing your tailbone down, pushing your midback up, relaxing your head forwards
  • repeat 5-10 times, moving with your breath

Mel is teaching the virtual class on Thursday mornings 10am-11am.

Suitable for all except pregnant people. If you have any aches and pains, or injuries, please come 15 mins early to chat to Mel before the start of the class.

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