Outdoor Yoga is Back! 

It’s taken me a few weeks to get organised, but I’ve now taught four classes outdoors.

There’s a different vibe to practicing yoga outdoors.

You’re not looking at a ceiling when you look up.

You’re not lying on a flat surface.

It feels so good to be balancing on the grass, breathing the fresh air, and bathing in the sounds of nature.

I’d love it if you could come and practice with me outdoors. Here’s where I’ll be:

Tuesdays 6pm out the front of Capel Jeriwsalem, Bethesda LL57 3AY

(until 25th July)

Thursdays 6pm outside at Clwb Rygbi Bethesda LL57 3NE

(until 13th July)

Seven Tips for Outdoor Yoga

TOP TIP 1 – Wear layers, lots of layers, so you can stay warm whatever the temperature or wind.

TOP TIP 2 – Bring a blanket and a yoga mat – and if you don’t have a mat bring a large towel to practice on (especially if you don’t want sand on your mat).

TOP TIP 3 – If you have aches and pains or injuries, turn up 10 mins early to let your instructor know what’s going on.

TOP TIP 4 – Spread out and take up space.

TOP TIP 5 – Relax and let nature into your senses: the sun, the sea, the wind, the sand, the sounds of wildlife.

TOP TIP 6 – Be kind to your body, honour your own limits, and give yourself permission to skip or change poses if it doesn’t feel right for you

TOP TIP 7 – Just turn up, you’ll be glad you did.

If it’s going to rain, I’ll sort out an alternative indoor location and text you at lunchtime (if you have registered for the class).

All classes are also joinable through the medium of Zoom if you can’t make it to Bethesda. Up to you whether you do the yoga from your garden or local park!

Book on the Inspiratrix website or just turn up. Bring your own mat or bath towel to practice on.