Why? Because… too much time sitting, too much time slumping, not to mention too much time scrolling!

We evolved to move. But if you spend 8+ hours a day immobile in a chair it’s no wonder you end up feeling stiff and lethargic.

I know. I spent a decade working in offices and sitting at desks. I was stiff and lethargic. I had ongoing back issues. 

The way I survived was yoga. But if I didn’t get to a class at least once a week, I would be in pain and uncomfortable.

Even when I began to teach yoga, I would still have regular bouts of back pain. 

Yoga was working, but something was missing.

It was only when I started working with the powerful and healing techniques of Forrest Yoga that I found tools to strengthen my core and to release tension.

That made all the difference. Nowadays I rarely have back pain, even when I have to lift heavy things or work hard in the garden.

If learning some of those tools and techniques would be helpful to you, I’ve just made this video below.

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