Meet the Teacher: Lucy Backhouse

One of the new highlights of the Inspiratrix Yoga schedule is the Tuesday morning session at 11am via Zoom with Lucy Backhouse of Yoga with Lucy.

What people say about Lucy’s teaching:
· She has a really calming aura about her
· Her classes are playful, gentle and creative.
· Helps you fully appreciate your body, without pushing too far.
· Lucy brings a quality of thoughtfulness into the practice.
· Helpful for improving mobility and encouraging functional movement.
· Encouragement to soften and let go of gripping and tension.
· It is always hard work, refreshing and ultimately relaxing to have been in one of her classes.
· I felt really relaxed and calm after Lucy’s class, and can’t wait to attend another one.
Lucy’s an experienced teacher who has been sharing her love of yoga since 2014.
The Tuesday morning 11am class is suitable for all, including pregnant people. Please let us know about any injuries you have at the start of the class.
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