“Lubricate Your Joints” Workshop all about feeling better in your joints

Does it ever feel like the floor is getting further away?

I mean, it’s a long way down…

If you want to hang out with a cat…

And then you have to get back up again…

Which can seem hard as one gets stiffer and creakier and older.

But preserving basic movements like being able to get up and down from the floor is VITAL.

In order to be able to get up and down from the floor with ease, it is important to continue to do that movement regularly.

Not losing confidence in yourself and your body.

Which is why my workshop this month is all about feeling better in your joints and your body, so you can do the simple movements you need to live your life.

My “Lubricate Your Joints” yoga workshop is happening Saturday 20th May 10am-noon on Zoom (replay available if you can’t make it live).

Deepen your experiential understanding of

  • movements to help mobilise your joints
  • why movement is more important than stretching
  • why you feel stiff around your joints
  • simple practices that can make a real difference

This is a beginner-friendly session suitable for all, with options given if you need to do the practice from a chair.

It will also be of interest to more experienced yoga practitioners as we’ll talk about the anatomy of joints and how yoga can improve joint health.

My special skill is in sharing simple yoga techniques to help you get out of pain, feel more comfortable in your body, and joyful in your life.

My classes draw on an understanding of multiple different types of yoga, and 12 years of yoga teaching experience.

You can join “Lubricate Your Joints” from wherever you are via the magic of Zoom.

Can’t make it live on the 20th May? Register and we will email you the recording within 24 hours of the workshop.


  • £20 regular rate
  • £10 concessionary rate if you are struggling financially (use the code CONC when registering)
  • No extra charge if you are an Inspiratrix Yoga member.

Book your spot here

Guest cat: George. Photos by @katherinebetteridgecreatrix