Long ago before I started teaching yoga, getting to a class once or twice a week was the main way I used to MANAGE my BACK PAIN and emotional pain.

Not to mention the STRESS AND ANXIETY of working in an office and living in a city.

So I know how important it is to be able to access a class on a REGULAR basis.

Which is one of the reasons I created a virtual studio and smorgasbord of yoga offerings for you: live-streams, outdoor classes, recorded classes…. plus monthly pop up workshops and special events.

All the Inspiratrix Yoga teachers are experts in CALMLY guiding you through yoga sessions that both strengthen and also help you let go of stress and anxiety.

We love working with BEGINNERS – as well as people with more yoga experience.

Lockdown LED US TO CREATE the “All the Yogas” Subscriber package, where for a monthly payment you can access loads of great yoga and PERSONALISED support – whether you attend the Outdoor sessions or the Virtual sessions.

This is for you IF YOU ARE READY to commit to a regular practice and improve your back pain / sleep quality / stress levels, in a safe and fun way, at a very reasonable price.

But if you’re more of a ‘once or twice a month’ yogi, then just stick with our pay per class option.

Join as a monthly member – or just book into the class you want – here.