Right now I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON HOLIDAY, hanging out with storytellers, listening to stories and ‘getting lost in the labyrinth’ of some ancient story cycles with one of my favourite storytellers, Shonaleigh.
But, like so much this year, that wonderful event has been pushed back to 2021. 
In fact EVERY SINGLE ONE of the fun festivals, retreats, and holidays that I had booked in for June, July and August has been POSTPONED.  
Apart from studying/training which is still on, but online. But that’s more serious, innit.
So I have to find my holiday space without getting into a car, a train or a plane.
The only place I can go is my yoga mat. Yoga’s an amazing way of regulating one’s inner state – and of being able to chose to access different internal feelings.
Central to this is the breath, and how it moves through us, how it moves the lungs, the muscles, the bones, the fascia, and the water in and around our cells.
As the herbalist Matthew Wood said, “The interior of the body is a great ocean, the internalization of the great mother ocean in which life originated. Each cell is bathed by this ocean, which brings it food and carries away waste products.”
And this vast potential of experience within us is always there to be explored. EVEN WHEN HOLIDAYS ARE CANCELLED.
This week’s prerecorded Saturday video is all about the breath, the wind that will move the waves of your internal ocean. HAPPY SURFING.
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