Stressssssss is the MODERN CURSE upon so many of us, affecting our minds, bodies and emotions.


And in our human world, it’s all particularly confusing right now… So much is out of our control… So much is changing so fast.


BUT we can still make some good choices about things WITHIN OUR CONTROL. Here’s my top three right now

  • NATURE… the trees, the plants, the animals, and the weather DON’T CARE about 99% of our human concerns. They are implacable. Spend time with them. ???
  • YOGA… connecting to the body can help us to feel the physical impact of stress and simple movements can help us chose to release that tension, helping us feel better. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?
  • THE BREATH… rewiring our responses to stressful things or people, through learning to breathe deeper, is massively useful for retraining our nervous system so we DON’T HAVE TO STRESS OUT all the time.???

Want some of this right now? Come hang out in my garden (virtually obvs) today.  You can find the full 15 minute session on my YouTube channel here.

PS Cuteness warning: there are BABY CHICKS in this video..???

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