Feel the Mysterious World Inside

My “best” yoga students are the quiet ones.

For being good at yoga isn’t actually about doing the advanced moves.

It’s more about being brave enough to feel the mysterious world inside.

Or being strong enough to show up consistently.

Even on days when you’re not feeling it, or feeling like a hot mess.

Or finding the faith that consistent practice will make a massive difference to your back pain, your mobility, your stress levels, or sleep.

That regular simple exercises will help you strengthen your core.

That doing what you can is so much more powerful than doing nothing.

That’s why we offer ten opportunities to practice yoga with us live on Zoom throughout the week:

  • Three daytime classes mid-mornings on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Seven evening classes Monday – Thursdays
  • A later session at 7.30pm on Thursdays
  • AND… loads of recorded sessions of varying length so you can get your yoga in whenever you want

Right now there aren’t that many people coming to our daytime classes 😮 so they’re an excellent chance to get a lot of support with starting or building your yoga practice!!

The best way to access this is through our “All the Yogas” monthly membership.

We’ve created this container over the last two years of chaos, to help people keep strong, supple and sane, whatever the post-Covid era brings.

“All the Yogas” is for you if you want flexible support in committing to a regular practice in order to improve your physical and mental health through yoga.

It’s not for you if you’re after super-advanced yoga, we aim to teach classes that are safe and accessible for beginners and improvers.

You get to chose what you pay per month – we appreciate the Covid-19 era has been challenging for many and has widened the inequality in our world:

  • ORANGE rate – £49 a month – the “I feel generous” rate
  • GREEN rate – £29 a month – the “regular” rate
  • PINK rate – £9 a month – the “not working/financially stressed out by Covid” rate

For that you can come to as many classes as you want:

  • 10 live, personalised classes a week on Zoom
  • 100+ recorded practices in our Virtual Vault
  • Monthly pop up workshops and special events
  • If you are local, in-person classes in Bangor, Valley, Holyhead and Aberffraw

Taking steps to support your health is vitally important. It’s not something to put off until next year or “when the time is right” or “when I’m less busy”.

Join us, come to some classes and feel the benefits of better sleep and reduced stress – plus you’ll feel more strong, flexible, and toned.

Sign up here and I’ll send you a link to book in for an intake chat.

PS If you’re already doing the yoga with us – share the love and tell a friend that might need this.