Easy Wind Down


Though it may seem our world has been utterly TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, some things are constant.

We’re heading towards the lightest and sunniest time of the year, and while the future is uncertain, the sun can still be counted on to come up in the morning and go down in the evening.

Those of you in class this week will have noticed THE WALL!

I’m so grateful to local artist Harri C for crafting this beautiful and inspiring backdrop for our virtual yoga classes.

Bringing nature into the yoga room helps remind us to connect to the deep natural wisdom of our bodies…the ebbs and flows of natural cycles, breath, and heartbeats.

Need some yoga today to help you feel the wisdom (and sanity) of your body? 

Here’s a super gentle session you can do. See you on the mat!

Short class with Claire Mace. This session has some simple unwinding moves for your back and hips.

This sequence is suitable for everyone including pregnant people (though if you have pubic bone or sacrum pain that is worsened by assymetric movement, this sequence is not suitable). Skip or modify any poses that don’t feel good to you today.

Includes an explanation of Side Lying Savasana which is super restful! Plus modified Sun Salutations.

You will need: your yoga mat, a yoga block or two (otherwise fat hardback books would work), a cushion or Forrest Yoga roll, lots of blankets – plus a clear bit of wall to use for some poses.

Listen to your body’s needs: do this practice in a way that feels good to you and give yourself permission to skip or modify anything that’s not appropriate for you.

With thanks to Forrest Yoga, Womb Yoga, and Poppy Perinatal yoga.