Be Kind to Yourself


What’s your relationship to time like right now?  Have you filled your life with busy-ness and tasks?  Or are the days empty like the skies? Are you recreating the patterns in your life prior to lockdown or exploring a new paradigm?

I’m good at time.  I’m good at turning up, starting on time and ending on time.  I’m good at planning too.

But, for me, on some level, it is also subtly stressful knowing I have to be somewhere and doing something later in the day. 

I’m relieved when things finish… though often immediately filled with enthusiasm to fill the space with something else. Which then becomes a source of anxiety.

But yet, as humans, we need a balance.  Structured time and unstructured time.  Time to work and time to play. Times when we know what will happen, times when we can be open to the invitation of the moment.

My yoga classes are all about taking it at your own pace, and giving yourself permission to do the yoga in a way that works for you.

You can see the schedule of live classes here.

Or if you want to try one out… try the one below. “Be Kind to Yourself” is a class that’s about nurturing yourself through kindness. Disobey the critical inner voices and say kind and supportive things to your inner self.

Chose to do – or modify poses – in a way that feels good and kind to your body. Make the radical choice of filling your own cup with kindness.

You will need: your yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion.

This beginner friendly class is a suitable if you are new to yoga or want a simple class. Not suitable for Pregnant people. Please listen to your body: do not do anything that causes pain or injury. If you have pre-existing medical conditions please check with your doctor or physio before doing these exercises.

Class recorded Wednesday 1st April 2020 in Llanfachraeth, Anglesey, UK.

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