“Yoga for Beginners” Course

Yoga… it sounds great, doesn’t it…

I mean, we all know it’s good for your mental and physical health…

But if you’ve never done it before, it might seem a bit scary…

Or if it’s been a while since you got on your mat you might be feeling a bit creaky…

And sometimes there’s a lot of resistance to overcome in leaving your house to get to a class…

That’s why I’m running some special beginner friendly sessions this September.

My “Yoga for Beginners” course starts Tuesday 6th September and runs weekly 11am-midday.

The classes will be a safe and simple introduction, where you can go at your own pace.

People with ongoing health conditions, injuries, or pre/post pregnancy are welcome, so long as your doctor has cleared you to do some gentle exercise.

Price to join for 6 weeks – £35 
(concessionary 50% discount available for low waged or unwaged people with the code CONC )

Please turn up 10 mins early and let me know how you are that day.

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