A long time ago, before I even stepped onto a yoga mat, I was full of emotional pain. I had little skill in feeling – let alone expressing – my emotions.

I would have frequent mood swings, which destroyed my personal and professional relationships.

I was often depressed, and also stressed and anxious, without any insight into why.

I drank alcohol every Friday and Saturday night to numb out and find connection with others.

A lot has changed since then. Many people and many tools have helped me to feel much happier in myself and much more emotionally balanced.

One of the supporting pillars of that change has been yoga. Learning to feel on the yoga mat has helped me to mange and even to decode my emotions off the yoga mat.

One aspect of that is my relationship to stress.

It’s not that I never get stressed: I do. But it doesn’t overwhelm me, and it’s work in progress for me to use its effects in a way that helps and not in a way that harms me.

And we do live in stressful times right now.

That’s why I’ve created a workshop that’s all about sharing some simple tools to help reduce and manage stress.

My “Yoga for Stress” workshop will be happening online via Zoom on Saturday 24th October between 11am-1pm. Official price is £15 but I’m able to do a £5 discount on the next few spots – go here to get the discount code.

Need some yoga today that will help you to feel your feelings? I’ve recently been exploring Somatic Yoga. Here’s a taster….