Strengthen Your Abs


There’s a lot of chaos out there in the world: big ripples in all places… lockdown’s like a different planet, with different laws of physics.

It can be tempting to run away from it all in your mind, and numb out through box-sets, scrolling or hiding away in a VIRTUAL IMAGINARY FORTRESS, with turrets, ivy and thick, thick walls.

BUT. My favourite tool for helping me stay present to my current reality is yoga.

When you come to the mat regularly you develop skills to help you come home to YOUR TRUE DWELLING PLACE: your body.

Then you will be less distracted by the crazy ripples in the collective and personal field. Plus, you’ll get stronger, sleep better, and feel more steady and centred after each class.

You’ll get access to this in my “All You Can Eat” yoga subscription… I’ve taken all everything I’ve learnt in 20 years of practicing and 10 years of yoga to craft a buffet of yoga that will feed you right now.

For you, we have 25 live classes a month, plus pre-recorded classes and special bonuses…

This is not for you if you’re just after a quick-fix. But this is for you if you are ready to explore the MYSTERIOUS LANDSCAPE of your inner ecosystem, the miracle that is your body.

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Want to do something to get strong right now?

Here’s a quarter of an hour segment with Claire Mace. Explore some Abdominal activations, followed by Dipping Frog with a Roll (Poppy Perinatal) and Star Spiral Pulse (Forrest Yoga).

Then strengthen your shoulders with Turbo Dog and Bird Wing. Send some gratitude, appreciation and love to your belly as you strengthen it!

You will need: your yoga mat or a blanket to lie on, and a cushion you can squeeze between your thighs.

Suitable for improvers. Not suitable for beginners or pregnant people. Please listen to your body: do not do anything that causes pain or injury. If you have pre-existing medical conditions please check with your doctor or physio before doing these exercises.

Thank you to my teachers: Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga) and Catherine Allen (Poppy Perinatal). Segment recorded Thursday 2nd April 2020 in Llanfachraeth, Anglesey, UK.

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