Yes…. we’re in that pre-Christmas zone.


Even though it’s all different this year, there’s a lot going on.


And when people say “I don’t have time to do yoga”, what I say is this…


“We ALL only have 24 hours in the day…


“If time is OVERWHELMING you…


“One secret key is to change your relationship to time…


“And that is something we can play with on the mat…


“But you’ve got to get on the yoga mat!”


So come do some yoga.


All the regular classes are on this week.


And then we have three Zoom classes a week + some exciting videos dropping over the Christmas + New Year period.


Then we have the NEW YEAR Intention Setting Series coming up!!


I’ve created this to help you start 2021 in a good way:• 3 x 45 minute yoga classes released on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd January• Do them any time you like – and as many times as you like• Let go of the chaos of 2020• Get present and still right now• Set yourself on a good course for 2021• With options for beginners and more advanced yogis


Not for you if you’re too busy to get you on your mat ever!! But it’s perfect if you want to make the shift into 2021 in a good way.


Commit to getting on your mat for the Intention Setting Series via the link in my bio.


PS If you’re an “All the Yogas” subscriber – this is already included in your subscription and you don’t need to enrol separately. Drop me a comment or message and I’ll make sure you’re on the list.