“Celebrate Your Core” Workshop

I used to have ongoing back pain.

Over the last 23 years of practicing yoga, this has changed massively.

I now rarely experience twinges or aches in my back.

What’s helped me have less back pain are core exercises.

Of which I know MANY…. from various different schools of yoga.

My monthly workshop is coming up on 25th March and is called “Celebrate Your Core”.

I’ll be sharing all my favourite ways to help you develop core intelligence and integrate it into yoga practice.

Don’t worry it won’t necessarily be intense and sweaty. It’s often more subtle than that.

You also get access to the recording afterwards so you can keep playing with these transformative tools and take steps towards feeling less pain and more mobility.

What it costs (total bargain)

– £20
– £10 (if you are not working or on a low income, use the code CONC )
– No extra charge if you are already an Inspiratrix Yoga member

Can’t make it live? Register and I’ll email you the recording the next day. 

Book your spot here.