“You don’t have to be a sweaty mess”

“There is such benefit in doing a mobility practice that isn’t complicated, that isn’t long-winded, that doesn’t take three hours a day, and that doesn’t leave you in a sweaty mess.”

“Looking at real people in my yoga classes, I am surprised by how within a few weeks of doing very basic and simple movements, their movement patterns change, they report that they’ve got less pain, and they have better range of movement.”

“For me being able to take anatomical knowledge and apply it in the real world, whether to my own practice or teaching, has led to amazing results.”

“For example I suffer from cubital tunnel syndrome in my elbow, and I also have injury-induced hypermobility in my elbow (from dead-lifting 750lb weights).”

“If my elbow feels stiff, I’ll take my elbow through some range of motion exercises. After that, my elbow stops giving me problems. “

“Being able to use ‘the medicine of movement’ to alleviate discomfort in my elbow has been life-changing: I don’t take painkillers and I can do everyday tasks like carrying shopping.”

To share more of his wisdom, Adrian has created the course that he wishes he had when he was learning anatomy.

The all-new ‘Applied Yoga Anatomy’ Course is on Tuesdays 6pm-8.30pm from the 11th January.

What you’ll get
· Experiential exploration, using your own skeleton as a guide
· Learning why movement is medicine
· Appreciation of body awareness for self and others
· Understanding of what pain is and how to work constructively with it
· The reasons why simple yoga can be super-effective

It’s not going to involve
· Dull lectures
· Lists of muscle names
· Outdated cadaver science
· Hard yoga poses

Join Adrian live on Zoom on Tuesday evenings 6pm-8.30pm, or catch up on recordings after.

This is suitable for people with some yoga experience who want to deepen their knowledge. 

But if you’re a total yoga beginner, we suggest checking out Adrian’s ‘Yoga for Beginners’ Course or one of our weekly ‘Easy Level’ yoga classes.

Your investment in understanding the miracle and magic of your own body in movement: £99 regular price (£49 for “All the Yogas” members).

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