Yoga Breathing for Corona Times #1

HOW TO FEEL MORE RELAXED AND ENERGISED (even on days you can barely get out of bed)

Having a low energy day? Don’t feel like bouncing out of bed first thing in the morning and doing 108 Sun Salutations?

Do you feel bad/guilty/a failure because it doesn’t feel good to move right now?

On days like that, my primary focus is on breathing better.

In 20 years of doing yoga and 10 years of teaching yoga, I have found breath to be the most TRANSFORMATIVE aspect of yoga. ?‍♀️?‍♀️

When we breathe deeply, we are creating gentle movement in the belly, ribcage, lungs and heart, and this helps support our respiratory and immune systems.

That can help us feel more ENERGISED – and LESS STRESSED too!!

Yesterday afternoon I was working with a friend, and shared some yoga breathing techniques that were helpful to me during my mild suspected COVID19 experience a few weeks ago.

These breathing exercises are SUPER SIMPLE and you can do most of this sitting in a chair.

If you’re having a super low energy day just do the first half…. And if you feel good enough to go on, then the whole sequence takes around 23 minutes.

You’ll need a blanket. And a pile or bolsters, cushions, pillows – or more blankets. Just use whatever’s near to hand.

Here’s the video, just published. If you want to do handstands today, it’s the not the video for you. ?‍♀️?‍♂️ But if you want a really simple practice to help you feel less stressed and more energised, give it a go.

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