It was an Ashtanga class. My mum had recommended I try yoga and that class was the most suitable time and location for me.

I remember thinking it was really really hard. I was in my mid twenties, active, young and fit, but my knees hurt and my hips hurt.

I stuck with it for quite a long time before I realised there were other yogas to try.

For me I found the hardest thing was to relax. I was really happy with being challenged, I was really happy hurting, but the hardest thing was lying still for 10 minutes!

That was what interested me and kept me coming to yoga: I was curious about why I was so uncomfortable lying in stillness.

Lucy teaches for Inspiratrix Yoga on Tuesdays 11am-midday on Zoom.

Her classes encourage you to work towards strength and mobility in a way that is gentle and soothing to your nervous system. Beginners are very welcome.

You can join this class as a “drop in” £8 (or £4 if you need to pay the concessionary rate).

Or join our fabulous “All the Yogas” monthly membership to get access to this class and loads of others.

The past couple of years of chaos led us to create “All the Yogas”, to help people keep strong, supple and sane, whatever the post-Covid era brings.

What you get access to:
Lots of live, personalised classes a week on Zoom 
* 100+ recorded practices in our Virtual Vault 
* In-person in Bangor, Valley, Holyhead and Aberffraw 
* Monthly pop up workshops and special events

This is for you if you want flexible support in committing to a regular practice in order to improve your physical and mental health through yoga.

It’s not for you if you’re after super-advanced yoga, we aim to teach classes that are safe and accessible for beginners and improvers.

You get to chose what you pay per month – we appreciate the Covid-19 era has been challenging for many and has widened the inequality in our world:
* ORANGE rate – £49 a month – the “I feel generous” rate
* GREEN rate – £29 a month – the “regular” rate 
* PINK rate – £9 a month – the “not working/financially stressed out by Covid” rate

Taking steps to support your health is vitally important. It’s not something to put off until next year or “when the time is right” or “when I’m less busy”. 

Join us, come to some classes and feel the benefits of better sleep and reduced stress – plus you’ll feel more strong, flexible, and toned.

Book in for the class with Lucy or join the “All the Yogas” membership here