What sort of thing will we be doing at the UPPER BODY CONNECTION workshop this Saturday with Adrian?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have done loads of yoga to enjoy it or to and get the benefit of this session!

💪 Learn how to open, strengthen and soothe your upper body

💪 Break down poses like Shoulder Shrugs, Archer and Eagle

💪 Build strength through poses like Downward Dog

💪 Learn how to lift your arms overhead effectively

💪 Explore the anatomy of your arms, shoulders, chest, head and neck

Adrian is passionate about sharing simple practices that can help regular people get out of pain and move more comfortably through their lives.

This Autumn, he’s sharing his wisdom and all the helpful tools he’s learnt at some one-off yoga workshops, which are suitable for beginners, improvers, and anyone curious about anatomy.

Attend either in Holyhead or remotely via Zoom.

Saturday 16th October 10am-midday UPPER BODY CONNECTION (the “shoulders” one)

Saturday 20th November 10am-midday LOWER BODY CONNECTION (the “legs and hips” one)

Join in-person at Llaingoch Hall in Holyhead £25 (free for “All the Yogas” members)

Or join in virtually £20 (free for “All the Yogas” members)

Book your spot here

Photography by Katherine Betteridge, follow her on Instagram
Katherine Betteridge