Adrian Top Three Tips for Feeling More Grounded

Need to feel more connected to the ground beneath your feet?

1 – Stand Up Straight

Stand tall. Feel for that sensation of pushing into the earth with your feet, and feeling the crown of your head reach for the sky. 

2 – Walking (in nature if possible)

Spend some time every day consciously walking. Maybe it’s between your car and work, or maybe a lunchtime stroll, it doesn’t matter. Be conscious about putting that feeling of putting one foot in front of another.

3 – Be Barefoot

Shoes and boots are designed to protect our feet, and while that’s a good thing, they can also put a distance between our senses and the ground we are walking on. Spending some time — even if it’s only a few minutes each day — walking barefoot will help reestablish the connection between our feet and the environment. And don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you walk around Tesco’s without shoes. Five minutes walking around your home, garden, or maybe a nice patch of grass at a park will do wonders.

My “Connect to Your Roots” workshop is all about exploring these issues. 

It’s happening Saturday 21st May 10am-noon.

Deepen your understanding of

  • what poses can help us better connectto the earth
  • why having a mobility practice is good for us
  • how simple movements can help us all live a more pain-free life

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have done loads of yoga to enjoy it or to get the benefit of this session!

I’m passionate about sharing simple practices that can help regular people get out of pain and move more comfortably through their lives.

I love sharing my wisdom through my signature combination of yoga and movement and quick-fire anatomy lectures.

Expect to learn helpful tools, which are suitable for beginners, improvers, and anyone curious about anatomy.

You can join “Connect to Your Roots” either via Zoom or in Llaingoch Community Hall in Holyhead.

Can’t make it live on the 21st May? Register and we will email you the recording within 24 hours of the workshop.

This workshop is included for “All the Yogas” members, or is £20 to attend for non-members (£10 concessionary rate available).

Book your spot here.