Functional movement is about moving in functional ways…

Which might be walking…

Or reaching for a tin of beans on a shelf… 

Or picking up children or grandchildren…

It’s about how yoga can be used to help you move better through day to day life.

To share more of the useful knowledge that informs his yoga, Adrian has created the course that he wishes he had when he was learning anatomy.

We will look at human movement through several different viewpoints:

We’ll look at the musculo-skeletal view, because from a yoga perspective how we transfer force into the ground is super important.

We’ll also explore the neurological understanding of movement, a revolutionary way to understand how we can and can’t move at any moment in time.

And we’ll also look holistically at the body, because we are integral beings, not collections of separate parts.

The all-new ‘Applied Yoga Anatomy’ Course STARTS THIS TUESDAY, and it’s on Tuesdays 6pm-8.30pm for six weeks.

What you’ll get
· Experiential exploration, using your own skeleton as a guide
· Learning why movement is medicine
· Appreciation of body awareness for self and others
· Understanding of what pain is and how to work constructively with it
· The reasons why simple yoga can be super-effective

It’s not going to involve
· Dull lectures
· Lists of muscle names
· Outdated cadaver science
· Hard yoga poses

Join Adrian live on Zoom on Tuesday evenings 6pm-8.30pm, or catch up on recordings after.

This is suitable for people with some yoga experience who want to deepen their knowledge. 

But if you’re a total yoga beginner, we suggest checking out Adrian’s ‘Yoga for Beginners’ Course or one of our weekly ‘Easy Level’ yoga classes.

Your investment in understanding the miracle and magic of your own body in movement: £99 regular price (£49 for “All the Yogas” members).

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