Er…. what does that even mean??!

It means letting go of the idea that “you’re doing it wrong”.

It mean honouring your own limits, fears, injuries, mobility, mood, or energy levels on any given day. 

It means building the confidence to customise your practice to suit you… whether you are practicing on your own or in a group… whether you are practicing at home or in a community hall.

DO YOGA YOUR WAY Is Adrian’s favourite current philosophy.

And it’s also the title of the final on-demand yoga class added to the Inspiratrix Yoga Christmas Bundle.​

Which became available today, just log into the Bundle, it’s totally free.

Adrian will also share some yoga tools to help you relax your Vagus nerve, which is a magic key to relaxing your whole nervous system. Niiiiiice.

Want more of this? Here’s where you can do some “Adrian yoga”

1. Beginner Yoga Course starts 10th January in Llaingoch

2. Applied Yoga Anatomy Course starts 11th January on Zoom

3. Regular weekly classes with Adrian

🧘 Monday 7 – 8.15pm in Llaingoch and on Zoom
🧘 Wednesday 6 -7pm in Aberffraw and on Zoom
🧘 Saturdays 10am-11am on Zoom (non workshop weeks only)