Tune in to your Breath

NAPS ARE THE HIGHEST FORM OF SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. FACT. This is what the cats tell me. Whilst some might see an afternoon nap as indolence or luxury or a fat waste of time, they are missing out on something important. If you are running around like a HEADLESS CHICKEN the whole time, you don’t get […]

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Tune Into Your Breath

HOW TO FEEL LESS ANXIOUS WHEN TIMES ARE UNCERTAIN (WITHOUT HIDING UNDER YOUR DUVET FOREVER!) I mean, all our ancestors lived through uncertain times, times of war, famine, pestilence, and worse.  But right now, some of us are on the front lines, dealing with Coronavirus… and some of us are sitting tight at home. Whether […]

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Feel Safety in the Present Moment

SCROLLING IS DESTROYING YOUR SEX LIFE, MAKING YOUR EYES SQUARE AND GIVING YOU ITCHES IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES They’re addictive: the phones, the tablets, the computers. The drip feed of dopamine. A half-substitute for real connection. 1001 contradictory facts. And does it make you happy? Not really.  And if you stare at a screen […]

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