All About Adrian

Adrian is a life-long movement enthusiast (but also knows what it’s like to spend too much time sitting). He usually smiles a bit more but here he’s swinging a 70lb kettlebell, so he’s concentrating!

“When I was young I liked pumping iron and rugby. Then I had kids, needed to work hard at a desk… and just got too busy!  

“Then in my 30s I rediscovered my body and got back into weights, but then I ended up injured in my shoulders and elbows. So I took a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist course, which gave me a better understanding of body mechanics.

“I got into yoga about four years ago. I’m not a very flexible person and that’s both protected me from injuries but also meant I never really gave much thought to ‘stretching’.

“I thought I would hate yoga because I’m not stretchy and bendy. I did hate it in the beginning, but I soon came to feel the benefits: more flexibility and less tightness and irritation in my joints.

“I kept doing yoga because I enjoyed connecting to my body in a more profound way, rather than seeing myself as a machine.

“I like it because I can really chose my practice based on what I need and how I’m feeling. I love that you only need a mat to practice, not complex gym equipment.

“Having said that, one of my current loves is kettlebells (heavy iron weights with handles on). Kettlebell movements encourage you to stand up, lengthen, be open, plus you have to breathe in a deep way.  

“You learn how to transfer force through the body and into the ground – like yoga! Doing my bells every day is a meditative experience for me.

“I enjoy teaching yoga because I love seeing people in my classes succeed at things. I get to help people to be stronger, have less pain, be healthier, and ultimately happier.”

Adrian is not as scary as he looks in this picture!!!

His class in Aberffraw Village Hall is on Wednesday nights 6-7pm.

He also teaches in Llaingoch and online.

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